About Me

I’m Kumaran.

I live and work in Chicago as an IT Infrastructure Engineer and that me provides exposure to various technologies.
Like everyone who works in IT, I encounter issues everyday.

Some I resolve with a few clicks along with lines of script and the rest keep me up at night.
In this blog, I’ve started documenting issues I encounter which might help someone to resolve their issues or provide a path to fulfil the requirements put forth in front of them.

I primarily work with Microsoft technologies., AD, System Center Suite, Azure, Azure AD, Exchange Online, Intune.
But some requirements and projects that I work transcend technologies and platforms.
I also work with Citrix implementations and try to keep my knowledge up to date.

Everything posted here is personally written based on my experience.
The opinions I may provide here about products and services are also of mine personally.

The more new things I learn, I realize how much more I’m yet to learn.